True Quality is Timeless. - Because Brands Matter
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True Quality is Timeless.

I was talking to someone the other day and they let slip an interesting little nugget of fuzzy logic. “It must be hard for you get to get creative work these days, after all it is a young person’s game.”

After a moment or two of contemplative reflection, I offered my personal thoughts. Which essentially centre on one undeniable fact;

The best creatives are the ones who have the best creative ideas.

Not necessarily the ones who travel to work by skateboard. Not the ones who only wear selvedge Japanese denim. Or the ones who take pride in never watching TV and get their culture fix from Snapchat.

The best creatives, of course, can still do any or all of these things, but equally they might have been born in the 1960’s and have a more than half a lifetime of experience in answering tricky briefs and coming up with game-changing and effective ideas.

If creativity is dead beyond the age of 40 or 50, then aren’t we all lucky no-one told Miro, Picasso, Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci?

Isn’t it great that the message failed to stop Tim Finch, Charles Bukowski, George Eliot or Anthony Burgess from picking up their typewriters and pens?

Or that Beethoven, Haydn, Thelonious Monk and Leonard Cohen were too busy doodling with song patterns to take heed?

Creativity is not a young person’s game, it’s a creative game. Relating quality of output to miles on the clock is simply just prejudice. In either direction.

But to my way of thinking, age is merely the price of wisdom.