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Because Brands Matter is an Edinburgh based brand and marketing consultancy run by industry veteran David Reid. With a hand-picked team of highly specialised partners, we focus on helping businesses to reposition themselves for market penetration, sustained growth and positive impact to their bottom line. We firmly believe that great brands do things differently and enable this through Brand Positioning, Strategic Communications Planning and Creative Implementation.

Start with the end in mind.

Every organisation has its own unique DNA and the way that they position themselves should reflect this. Our preferred way of working is to initially conduct a Brand Positioning Workshop involving stakeholders from within your business. Together we will deconstruct your brand and carefully rebuild it using a bespoke Brand Key to harness its authentic points of difference.

The resultant Brand Report will contain firm recommendations to ensure your business is fully aligned towards achieving its goals and perfectly placed to seize a competitive advantage.




Here are some examples of campaigns that David has developed based on interrogating brands and discovering what makes them unique.


An invaluable external perspective.

David has more than 32 years of marketing and brand building experience, client and agency side. With a well earned reputation for his work ethic, approachability and commitment to team building, he’s worked in virtually every sector imaginable and has been Creative Director of the Year, MD of the Year and SME Client of the Year. (Albeit not at the same time).

David has also won more than 90 international Creative Awards as well as 32 Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness Awards. He’s a Scottish EDGE assessor, a regular guest lecturer at The University of Edinburgh Business School and mentors at Edinburgh Napier University.

Depending on the scope and remit of the project, David can bring in highly specialised professionals who excel in Conversion Rate Optimisation, Website Design and Build, Strategic Media Buying, Social Media Planning, Writing, Design, Photography and Film-Making.

First- class facilitation

Whilst helping to create a robust and compelling brand is always the strategic objective of the work we undertake, we are highly experienced in helping to facilitate meetings on the journey to achieving this goal.

David Reid works in close collaboration with George Shepherd, to deliver creatively led facilitation workshops that use bespoke toolkits, tailored to individual client needs and sectors. The pair have a working relationship stretching back almost thirty years and has seen them run highly effective sessions right around the globe. Testimonials evidencing success are available on request.

Be in good company.


A newish client asked me the other day what programmatic advertising was and were there benefits. I started to explain, but soon felt they were just watching my mouth flap open and shut. Yep, I’d lost them. With this in mind, I thought I’d write......

  As you will almost certainly be aware, the ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail market within the UK has experienced significant growth in recent years. These cocktails are pre-mixed drinks that come in convenient, single-serving packaging and offer consumers a hassle-free way to enjoy their favourite cocktails......

Influencers call themselves a ‘brand’. Startups with nothing but SquareSpace websites call themselves brands. Even contestants on TV shows call themselves brands. In reality, however, they’re just names, labels, logos, suites of services or individuals. An authentic brand has to fulfill many criteria, but at......

Ahhhh. David Reid. My longtime compatriot and co-founder of 1576 Advertising Limited where we did seriously great work and had seriously good fun. David was never shy of a lig. Most famously perhaps in his Schlitz days when he got all pissed up with Lisa......

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One of the misconceptions that surrounds what I do for a living is that I design logos. This comes from a perception in some quarters that a brand constitutes a graphic marque or visually identity, when of course the reality is it’s far more intricate......

Recently I was interviewed by Leadership Coach Lindsay Paterson of Coaching Consultants. This webinar was first broadcast in May 2020. I hope the contents are useful and interesting. Your brand matters in a downturn from Lindsay Paterson on Vimeo....

As a brand and marketing consultant, I spend a great deal of time building relationships, cultivating leads and listening to the challenges that owners and leaders face around growing their businesses. Indeed, it would be fair to say that if the Edinburgh Sheraton did coffee......

Alliance Creative in Edinburgh signs up Sky and National Museums Scotland as clients along with brand building chairman. Digital collective Alliance Creative is on course for turnover of £2 million this year after increasing its size by 25% this year. The Edinburgh company which can call upon......


Our office is located in the heart of Edinburgh’s historic New Town. For an exploratory, no commitment conversation,

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